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Are you tired of  carrying too much weight?  Feeling like your clothes are tight and you are unable to shed stubborn pounds and inches, and unable to deal with feeling hungry all the time?  Are you tired of working out until exhaustion only to see that the weight stays the same?


There is an easier way.  Realfast provides the program that guarantees weight loss without feeling hunger and with having full energy to meet your lifestyle of work and activities.

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2100 +

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Words From Our Clients


I was able to lose more than 45 lbs (20 kg) in just two months, while running my business and maintaining my routine


D. Rodriguez


I have been able to successfully reduce 35 lbs that was previously impossible to shed, and more importantly maintain this lower weight for the past 5 years without difficulty.


S. Narasimhan


I was able to lose more than 5 kg and look much younger and have more energy than before. I feel better about my appearance too.


R. Sittichai


Every time I look in the mirror I feel happy about my accomplishment. I have lost more than 5 kg and have more energy and feel healthier than before.  People tell me I look younger.


Dr. M. MN Kyaw